Sunderland First Home Game of the Season 24th August 2014

IMG_3156Well it’s the first home game for Sunderland today against the mighty (or not so mighty) Manchester United. This is the 6th season we have been their preferred flower supplier, but more importantly it’s the first season I’ve had a season ticket at The Stadium of Light (strictly speaking its only half a season ticket as I’ve gone half’s with my son). Each home game we decorate the Boardroom and two suites with flowers. Its really good as they give us ‘carte blanch’ as to what designs / colours we supply. We always have different designs and in general try to go with flowers that are in season (unless we are instructed to do a particular colour scheme). I really enjoy delivering the flowers on a match day, there’s always a ‘buzz’ around the ground, what with all the guests and dignatories milling around in addition to lots of other people running around. Needless to say though, they always look stunning in this very ‘swanky’ venue as the following pictures show.