MAM – Funeral Tribute


MAM – Funeral Tribute. This very personal tribute is appropriate for those who want to say something special. The word itself simply conveys its meaning. The tribute is predominantly made from White Double Chrysanthemum. The two ‘top sprays’ are made from Yellow Calla Lily’s, Pale Lemon Flowers, White Lisianthus and Ruscus Foliage. The tribute is finished with structural Steel Grass which joins all three letters together.

Please note – The colour option of ‘top sprays’ can be amended to your preference.

Product Description

MAM – Funeral Tribute.

Funeral Flowers

Nearly all funerals feature flowers, some families choose to have flowers from family, friends and colleagues, however some choose to just have a small selection of arrangements donated by close relations only. If you cannot attend the funeral, and there are not requests made about flowers, then it is a thoughtful gesture to send some

It is usual for the family to have at least one arrangement to be placed on the coffin. Simple choices, such as ‘coffin spray’ arrangements, are a classic option. Wreaths, Posy’s and Wreath Rings are also options to be considered.

Other arrangements, uusally from other family members, may be on display in the ceremony venue, or placed on the grave.

Cards accompanying flowers are a message to the deceased and should be addressed to reflect this.

Traditionally funeral flowers are white or cream, with pastels sometimes also used.  However the choice of colours are totally dependent on an individuals preference.

Flowers should be delivered on the day to ensure that they are fresh and look their best. We will liaise with the undertakers to organise practical arrangements.