Exotic love


Exotic Love is a riotous array of red flowers with their origins from all corners of the world.  With ‘Pin Head’ Protea, Thistle (blue), Gerbera, Amaryllis, Hypericum Berries, Anthurium and Rose.  The bouquet is tantalisingly completed with a mixture of grass and foliage.

Product Description

Each Exotic Love bouquet contains flowers who have there origins from around the world.  Both the Pin Head Protea and Amaryllis hail from South Africa, whilst the Gerbera has its roots in South America.  The Red Hypericum Berries are primarily a ‘western’ flower whilst (as we all know), the Thistle is the symbol of Scotland.  Finally the Rose, this very popular, well loved flowers originates from Asia, but is now grown worldwide and available throughout the year.

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