Covid 19 – Shopping Safely

We will be following all government advice regarding safe working practices and until further notice only Jan and Cameron will be in the shop, based in the rear office whilst a customer is on the premises.

Please note the following important information

  • Face Coverings MUST (BY LAW), be worn in shops (please refer to government guidelines for exemptions)
  • Whilst waiting outside the shop please maintain a distance of 1m distance between yourself and other waiting customers / general public using the path
  • 3 individuals or a family group will be allowed in the shop at any one time
  • A distance of 1m must be maintained between customers and staff
  • A hand sanitising facility will be provided at the shop entrance, we encourage all customers to use this when entering and leaving
  •  Wipes will be used on ‘high traffic touch areas’, such as door handles, card payment machines and the till
  • We will have clearly defined markings on the floor to ensure we can provide advice and assistance to customers whilst maintaining social distance.
  • Although we want people to browse through our products, we would encourage customers to keep hand contact to a minimum and wherever possible advise us of products that have been touched to enable decontamination
  • Wherever possible, if you know what you want, we would encourage customers to place orders over the phone (for shop collection) to allow a designated pick up time to be assigned, therefore minimising the risk of contact with other customers
  • A ‘pick up’ point will be designated for all purchase made
  • We would encourage customers to pay by card (contact less up to £45) or by inserting your card into the machine over this amount (sanitising wipes will be used to ensure the card machine is cleaned after each transaction). However cash will still be accepted
  • Covid 19 signage will be displayed throughout the shop
  • No admittance will be allowed in the ‘back office’, without exception!